KO Pickles Header20150106_1510161Knock Out Pickles!  In 2014 we tried our hand in the artisanal pickle craft! With recipe developed and production headed by Culinary Director, Joe Hart, and marketing, production, sales and distribution by the Life Shop and After Opps Warriors, our first year boasts more than 400 jars sold via our special events and holiday orders.

In 2015 we will take our pickling enterprise to the next level when we will expand our sales at OK special events to several other local festivals, begin production and sales to local restaurants. We begin our first partnership in May with Kinderhook Tap in Oak Park.

Stay tuned as we produce our first Warrior Grown Farm to Jar Pickle Batch! Production will be in partnership with the Sugar Beet Co-Op in July. Opportunity Knocks manages two raised beds at the Sugar Beet Co-Ops and Schoolhouse farm at Cheney Mansion. Harvest is scheduled for August of 2015. Sales to local retail outlets including the Juice Joint in River Forest and the Sugar Beet Co-Op will beginning May 2015.

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