The OK mission was built through connections and funds raised via our special events. Over the years, we have aimed to take the financial pressure off of these events, while also aiming to maximize their potential as a forum to connect with our community. We host two marquee events annually, along with many other smaller events throughout the year.

Safety, planning, wellbeing

Response HQ

Our goal is to provide a continuously updated and constantly available HQ for information related to the OK response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a series of useful and reliable resource links and information.

VALUES, Mission, Outlook

OK History
& Mission

The people we serve are warriors and it is our belief that their place in the community is both unique and essential. Perseverance and strength through challenge brought us to endearingly dub our program participants as Warriors. Opportunity Knocks’ goal for its participants is to build independence, foster self-advocacy, broaden life experiences and to instill and augment a sense of community.

Guiding, Collaboration, TeamWork


Our staff are energetic and motivated professionals that ensure the success and safety of our program participants. They coordinate and lead various social, recreational, and life skill development programs. We often promote our exceptional talent to leadership roles to ensure that our programming remains engaging and fresh.


OK Reports
& Documents

In order to document the fun and the funds, we have made sure to organize and post our annual reports as well as financial ones. Below you can find full-fledged pdfs of what’s been going on throughout the years at Opportunity Knocks! In addition, are each annual audit and 990s.