Love grows here. 

“I love farming” | Karisa Reyna

We chatted with Leadership Lab fellows about the OK history and mission and the two primary functions of our social enterprises (Knockout Farm, Knockout Pickles, Knockout Catering Company):

  1. To augment the revenue stream from our programs so that we would become more financially self-sustaining; and
  2. To provide opportunities for Warriors to practice important vocational skills in a meaningful employment setting.

Next, our Knockout Pickles team led a pickling demo before the Leadership Lab broke off into their morning workshops. The visit was capped by a taco bar lunch prepared and served by our Knockout Catering Company. Thanks so much to all the passionate and energetic community leaders for coming by and sharing some time with us!

For more info on the Leadership Lab, contact program coordinator Carrie Summy (

It was amazing. We did a show with the pickles for the people. We showed them how to cut the cucumbers and make Knockout Pickles. I liked helping out. I helped make the corn and the carrots and seasonings. I served the salad. I love my jobs a lot. I like making people happy and seeing them try the pickles and food and love it. I hope they come back again to do it with me and Zoe.

Mike Carmody

Executive Director, Opportunity Knocks