The OK Grower’s School

The OK Farm has finished up its second growing season! There have been a lot of new developments since the Farm began in 2015. Farmer Joe O’Meara did a fantastic job bringing the farm to life and laying the groundwork for the farm’s future operations. He installed a network of drip irrigation hoses which will help conserve water by only watering small amounts at a time. He also installed a rain catchment system to further improve our water efficiency. With the help of our Warriors, staff, and many volunteers the farm has grown to produce over 1,300 pounds of produce in the 2017 growing season alone!

In August, we hired our full-time Farm Director, Natalie. Her philosophy is to continue to engage the Warriors on the farm and build upon their understanding of the farm and how it works. She has launched the OK Grower’s School in the Life Shop which is an eight-week workshop designed to educate and train Warriors on what it takes to be a farmer. Lessons covered soil composition, plant life cycles, composting, pollinators, and local food systems. By developing their understanding of farming, Warriors can now be more involved in farm operations and assist Farmer Natalie with crop planning, planting, harvesting and more! Claire, Karisa, Madeleine, John, and Charlie are the first certified Warrior Farmers! Stay tuned for updates on Grower’s School and the OK Farm!

Now I want to save the bees!


Warrior Farmer

I will plant more flowers on the farm.


Warrior Farmer