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Check out what After Opps has planned for the Spring sessions! Rock Climbing, Gardening, Candle Making, Bikes & Trikes, Bocce, Tapas, Camping 101, Peer Led Program Planning, Make Your Own Game Show, Animal Rescue and Relationship Class are only a few of the activities being offered!

Registration for Spring Session 2 is now open! Please visit the After Opps registration page to sign up for programs. Please direct any questions or concerns to Joe Hart, Program Director of After Opps at

Register for Spring Session 2

For eligibility, registration requirements, session fees, daily structure, safety requirements or other information, please see the After Opps pagePlease note the change in program fess, effective April 6, 2015. Download the Spring 2015 Registration Brochure or see past brochures.


Spring Session 1

April 6, 2015 – May 8, 2015

Monday Activities

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing. Each week, a group of Warriors will head to a local gym to participate in rock climbing. Through experienced instructors, participants in this program will learn how to maneuver their way up the wall safely while having fun and getting great exercise! WW

Gardening copy
Gardening. It’s that time of year again. Time to start working on our garden! This group of Warriors will be getting dirty and learning about planting seeds and turning a lot of thumbs green. The goal of this program will be to provide healthy snacks for our programs. WW

Candle Making
Candle Making. This brand new program will help teach the Warriors how to make their own candles. This class will provide instruction on how to make beautiful and functional candles from different wax sources, such as soy wax, palm wax, and gel wax.

Fan Mail
Fan Mail. We all have our favorite movie stars, athletes, and other celebrities. This class will teach our Warriors how to write a letter to one of their favorite stars and a few tricks on how to increase your chances of getting a response.

Wednesday Activities

Community Opps copy
Community Opportunities. This session, Warriors will pick a non profit organization that they would like to assist for the upcoming months. These participants will venture out into the community to lend a hand and come up with new and creative ways to assist in fundraising.

Bikes Trikes
Bikes and Trikes. ‘Tis the season to get back to the outdoors and test our wheels. Whether it’s on two wheels, three wheels, or our tandem, this crew will get out and get some great exercise. Safety gear will be provided for everyone participating. WW

Live the Code
Live the Code. Each session, we tell our Warriors to follow our 5 Point Code. Those five points are teamwork, safety, leadership, communication, and respect. This program will stress each of those and we will do activities that will teach us how to live the code!

Bocce Ball. Warriors in this group will head to a local court to play the Italian lawn bowling game known as Bocce! Warriors will learn the rules and strategies for success at this great game. WW

Friday Activities

Tapas. Our cooking group will go international this session will trying the many tastes of Spain. Tapas is traditionally a wide variety of appetizers, snacks, and meals shared by a large group. Warriors in this group will get the chance to learn how to make (and eat!) many traditional Spanish dishes.

From Warriors With Care
From Warriors, With Care. In this group, Warriors will shop for and assemble their own care packages. The Warriors will also research exactly who they would like to send it to and how to get it there.

Camping 101
Camping 101. Get ready to get to know nature! Warriors in this group will safely and effectively learn the ins and outs of camping without having to drive to the middle of the woods. Warriors in this group will learn how to set up a tent, how to properly and safely make a campfire, and much more.

Peer Led Planning H
Peer Led Program Planning. In this OK program staple, Warriors will choose, create lesson plans for, and practice leading Wednesday activities for the Spring 2 session. Registration for Wednesdays in session 2 is required.


Spring Session 2

May 25, 2015 – June 19, 2015

Monday Activities

Community Opps copy

Community Opportunities. The Warriors will continue their mission to work with a community organization and find unique ways of donating their time, fundraising money and connecting with others at non profits in the area.

Recycled Art

Recycled Art. Come join the fun as we are taking one man’s trash and turning it into our treasure. Warriors in this group will learn how to take recycled materials and turn them into beautiful works of art.

Make Your Own Game Show

Make Your Own Game Show. Warriors in this group will learn the rules of classic game shows such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price is Right in order to learn how to create their own game show! They will make their own rules, learn how to be a suave host, and how to design their own sets.

Gardening copy

Gardening. Warriors in this group will continue to get down and dirty as they continue to work on the OK Greencumber Garden. WW

Wednesday Activities

Peer Led Planning H copy

Peer Led and Planned Programs. Peer Led programs and program details will be announced at the end of the Spring 1 session. One of the groups will be health and wellness approved. WW

Peer Led Planning H copy

Peer Led and Planned Programs. Peer Led programs and program details will be announced at the end of the Spring 1 session.

Peer Led Planning H copy

Peer Led and Planned Programs. Peer Led programs and program details will be announced at the end of the Spring 1 session.

Peer Led Planning H copy

Peer Led and Planned Programs. Peer Led programs and program details will be announced at the end of the Spring 1 session.

Friday Activities

Lets Take a Dip

Let’s Take a Dip. Who does not love a good dip? From ranch to hummus, Warriors in this session’s cooking class will learn how to make healthy and hearty meals focusing on dips. Many cultures and their cuisines will be explored in this program.

The Avengers

The Avengers! Superheroes, from Batman to Iron Man and many more, are so popular right now that comic books are cool again! Warriors in this group will study classic comic books and learn how to create their own. From the writing to the illustrating, each Warrior will produce their own comic book!

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue. This group will explore the mutual benefits that come from rescuing dogs. We’ll bust myths about pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds by learning effective dog training techniques and we will work with various animal rescue agencies to help establish great relationships with man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

Relationship Class

Relationship Class. This brand new class focus on how to engage and empower our Warriors to create healthy relationships and prevent unhealthy relationships.

Warriors who sign up for this class are strongly encouraged to speak to their families about any questions they have or specific areas they want to focus on and bring those questions with them to class on the first week. Any parent looking for more information on this program can reach out to the program supervisor, Joe Hart, at

* No programs on May 25 due to Memorial Day
** No Programs on June 23 due to Tee It Up Golf Outing