Warriors had another fun-filled After Opps session in Summer 2! Check it out!


The Water Sports group enjoyed the dog days of summer by heading to Washington Park in River Forest for fun with water balloons, water guns, and a variety of water games.

In Healthy Desserts, Warriors put a nutritious spin on some of their favorite sweet treats including vegan gluten-free carrot cake, avocado brownies, spinach chocolate chip cookies, and frozen yogurt.

In Ladies Night, Warriors explored their feminine side as they did “Paint n Sip” (with fresh juice), makeup, hair and nails activities

Men’s Club discussed what it means to be a gentleman and explored masculinity through obstacle course races, video games, wrestling appreciation, and billiards at Circle Lanes. Warriors said being a gentleman means:

“holding the door, being respectful to women, the Great Gatsby, no cursing (respectful), helping a lady out, helping out around the house, wedding, Edward McCullen, kind, cute, dressing up nice, speaking with a british accent, appropriate, cooperating, being nice, cooking for somebody, taking somebody out to dinner, listening, being calm, quiet voice, gentle, respecting a lady’s family, helping parents.”


In Bocce BallWarriors learned the rules of the game and competed against each other. We were also joined by local Bocce enthusiasts Vinny DiTomazo and Brian Hepner.  Thank you fellas!

In the Painting group,Warriors flexed their creative genes by creating watercolor masterpieces, Warhol-inspired cat paintings, and some beautifully messy splatter-paint pieces.

Pirate Party Warriors learned about living a Pirate’s life, made their own pirate hats, went for treasure hunts, and learned myths and historical facts about pirates.

Warriors in Community Opps this session worked on making t-shirt bags for the upcoming Frank Lloyd Wright Races.


Our Friday hobby groups had something for everybody. The cooking group’s theme this session was Pizza and each week we experimented with different styles of pizza and made our own dough!

Warriors in the Farming group this session harvested a variety of crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, celery, peppers, sunflower seeds, and green beans! We also peeled garlic, harvested dill seed, and prepped the garden beds for fall plantings. We also installed low tunnels to help extend the growing season.

The Softball group warmed up for the 12th Annual OK Classic Softball tournament in late September by practicing their hitting, fielding, and base-running skills. They also created a promo video for the event. Check it out above!

2018 OK Classic

Many Warriors competed in this year’s annual OK Classic Charity Softball tournament, both in the mid-day exhibition against the WSSRA Bobcats and in the general tournament. It was a fun-filled day! Thanks for playing, Warriors!  Click HERE to view more photos.

“The classic was fun-tastic! I loved playing softball. My favorite part was the Warrior game. Thank you for coming to support us!” | Magdalena Gancer. 

Warrior Quotes:

“I liked the softball group and seeing everybody play. I liked playing on the team and playing with everybody.” | Nick S.

“I liked cooking and working with my friend Katrina. I liked the cheese pizza!” | Allison W.

“My favorite program was pirate party. I liked doing the pirate cards and the treasure hunt!” | Sarah C.

“I liked healthy desserts and being healthy. My favorite was the carrot cake muffins!” | Sonya T.

“My favorite program was softball because I liked hitting the ball out of the park.” | Kareem M.

“I liked farming. I liked digging, composting, and picking peppers. It feels good to be outside on the farm.” | John C.


Thanks for a great Summer 2 session, Warriors! We are already having a blast in Fall session 1 with Flag Football, Spelling Bee, Warrior Women Art, Community Opps, Centerstage!, Martial Arts, It’s Fall Y’all II, Pinewood Derby, Farming, Cooking (Chicken), and Peer-Led!

Please contact Mike Carmody (mike@opportunityknocksnow.org) with any inquiries about the After Opps program.