In this program, warriors learned to think fast, react faster, and take their speech and language skills to the next level! They played an array of games that focuses on communication, cooperation, and fast action. This program packs an extra punch by operating under the guise of comedy and fun when really it’s an amazing way to build character and improve cognition!

After Opps

An After School, After Work Program

After Opps is an after school/after work program that offers social and recreational activities of all kinds. Each session’s activities are determined through a collaborative partnership between Warrior participants and OK Staff.

After Opps aims to stimulate the interest of various leisurely activities, participation within the community, and the continued engagement of these activities outside of programs. Participants play a great role in determining what types of activities are made available in later sessions. We believe that our participatory-based programming is the key to fostering leadership, respect and self-advocacy.

In addition, with a strong support system of peers, staff and volunteers, Opportunity Knocks programs creates a environment where individuals can express themselves freely, where healthy relationships can be fostered in a safe, nurturing setting. The After Opps program has developed many unique activities that are tailored to the needs of the Warriors and are highly based off of their passions and interests.