Summer 2016 Session 1 Cover

Registration for Summer Session 1 is now open!

See descriptions of activities being offered this session below. Please use the form on this page to register for After Opps programs. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Joe Hart, Program Director of After Opps at

For eligibility, registration requirements, session fees, daily structure, safety requirements or other information, see the After Opps page. Please note the change in program fees, effective April 6, 2015. 


Swimming. Every Monday, a group of Warriors will head to the Forest Park Aquatic Center for a day of pool fun! Warriors will know in advance which day they will be swimming. All Warriors are reminded to bring with them a one piece bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen. Warrior Wellness

Team Building. Warriors will take part in team building activities, physical puzzles, and will have to work together to achieve a common goal where everyone plays a part in getting to that goal. Some activities include; land mind, human knot, parachute, trust falls and more!

Dancing With the Warriors. Warriors will learn different styles of dance, everything from the waltz to hip hop and more. They will also host their own competition at the end of session. Warrior Wellness

Green Screen. Warriors will use green screen technology to create movie magic!! We’ll place ourselves right in the action and recreate some of the most memorable movie scenes with a Warrior twist!


Comm Opps. This session we will be finding ways to support local community organizations, the Ronald McDonald House at Loyola and the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry.

Chalk is Cheap. It’s summer so that means it’s time to put our artistic abilities to use with sidewalk chalk! This group will play games, create art, and even make our own chalk!

3D Art. Submerge yourself into the endless possibilities of 3D art. This program we will gather all types of objects and make them into multimedia masterpieces. This is a new and exciting way to express your creative side. What you come up with will be out of this world!

Beaching It. The Warriors will get to experience all things beachy. Activities will include  water balloon fights, water gun fights, sand volleyball and many more


Stir Fry. The Warriors will be using their prep, cutting, and cooking skills to create a different stir fry dish each week by using a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces. These dishes are great because they’re healthy, quick and easy! Warrior Wellness

Walk to Run Club. The Warrior Wellness Thursday night Walk to Run Club is making a special After Opps appearance! These Warriors will be pounding the pavement as they walk, run, or roll 1-2 miles in the neighborhood! Warrior Wellness

Gone Fishing. This group will head over to Lakeview Nature Center in Oak Brook and spend the afternoon fishing! Who knows what we’ll catch?!?

Beats By Shannon. Get ready to rock! Warriors in this program will explore all the different aspects of music, from the instruments and lyrics to the tone singer uses. We will listen and reflect on the emotions and feelings that these songs portray. Warriors will also have a chance to share their favorite songs with the group

Spring 2016 Session 1

July 6 – July 29


3:30pm – 6:30pm

Summer Session 1 is a 4-week session.
No programs on Monday, July 4 for Independence Day.

Registration is due on June 29. Payment is due August 4.

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