Sunday, August 16th, 2018 was a prominent milestone in the history of Opportunity Knocks and our social enterprises. We worked alongside the culinary masters at The Heritage in Forest Park to create the very first Warrior Harvest Dinner.

The evening’s Warrior Catering Team (which included Warriors Georgia, Katrina, and Maddy) worked alongside Chef Sieger Bayer and Chef Michael Spiewak in the Heritage Kitchen to prepare and serve guests a delicious 4-course tasting menu. The menu featured fresh produce from the OK Farm, grown and harvested by OK Warriors and staff.

We want to say a big THANKS to all of the guests who came to join us for this very special event! We also want to say an even bigger THANKS to the team at Heritage for allowing us this opportunity to collaborate and for creating space to showcase the abilities that are shining through our vocational programming. We had such a blast putting vision and passion in action!


– 1st course –

Cucumber Salad

charred scallion yogurt, fennel, green coriander

– 2nd course –


smoked pork, tomato, basil, cherry peppers

– 3rd course –

Roasted Chicken

corn, green beans, herb salsa

– 4th course –

Zucchini Bread

anglaise, honey

I had so much fun making food with my friends. The best part was helping out with the Heritage crew in the kitchen. That was cool. We made roasted chicken, pasta, zucchini bread with honey, and cucumber salad.

Georgia Hunter

Chef, Warrior Catering Company

I delivered food to people’s tables. It was fantastic. I enjoyed it a lot. Heritage staff are the nicest people.

Madeleine Gancer

Chef, Warrior Catering Company

We had a dinner with the Heritage. It was so good. The zucchini bread was my favorite part. I was serving food to the tables. We talked about some of the things we do at Opportunity Knocks – catering, farming, pickles. It went really well, there were a lot of people. We saw our friend Patrick O’Rourke at the dinner with his family.

Katrina Jeffries

Chef, Warrior Catering Company