Warriors sweated it out in the fitness room for the exercise portion of this sessions Workout Warriors! As always we started with a group warm up before starting our 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercises.

Week one exercises focused on our bums!! Lots of squats, lunges, leg lifts, and step ups!

Week two we did a circuit training including using the treadmill, sit to stands, running in place, jumping jacks (LOTS of jumping jacks!!), sit ups, and boxing!


The hands on activity this session was dedicated to The Food Plate! Warriors created their dream plate- think pizza, chips, fries, cake, brownies, orange pop, burgers, guacamole, and grilled cheese! We deconstructed our dream meals into the food plate sections: fruit, vegetable, grain, protein, and dairy only to discover that most of us had missed some key nutrients in building our meal.

It’s recommended to make half your plates fruit and vegetables so we taste tested pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, and carrots. After learning about what was missing on our plates (and what we should eat in moderation!) we rebuilt our dream meals to incorporate the healthier options and made sure not to skip the fruits and veggies!