Warriors had another fun-filled After Opps session in Spring 2! Check it out!


The Preserving group learned how to preserve produce through fermentation. They also prepared and sampled a variety of pickled foods including Knock-Out Pickles, pickled asparagus, green beans, grapes, and radishes.

The Farming group planted cucumbers, harvested lettuce and other vegetables, pulled weeds, put the new OK Farm sign up, and more!

The Bikes & Trikes group enjoyed some nice rides through the Concordia Cemetery across the street from the Community Center!


Wednesday featured an array of creative peer-led programs. Patrick and Jackie led How to Be Evil and Good (HTBEAG), in which Warriors examined the life and times of classic villain/ hero (villroe) Two-Face, created their own villroes, did a local hero and villain tour of the surrounding area (viewing houses and learning about historic local mobsters, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Iman Shumpert), learned about Disney heroes and villains, and played hero vs. villain outdoor games.

Georgia and Sarah led Photography in which Warriors used digital cameras and iPads to practice portrait photography, nature photography, lifestyle photography, and more. Check out some Warrior portraits on the right! Madeleine and Becca led Community Opps and learned about the history and mission of the PCC Austin Farm and visited them for a volunteer day.


Our Friday hobby groups had something for everybody. The cooking group’s theme this session was Celebrity Community Chef.  We welcomed guest chefs Greg Pittman from Dominican University who helped us make Chicken Masala, Sean Cusick from Smoque BBQ who helped us make pulled pork, brisket, and jalapeno cheddar sausage, and our friend Steve Compere from Crane High School who helped us make some vegetarian tacos.  Thanks so much for coming out chefs!

The Outdoor Adventures group explored Trailside Museum of Natural History, Thatcher Woods, and Evans Field. We went for nature scavenger hunts, learned about leave no trace principles, backpacking basics, setting up tents and hammocks, fire safety, building, and cooking, and more!

Team Sports was led by Warriors John and Erik. Their group played flag football, softball, soccer, and kickball at Washington Park!

Farewell Jeni:

This After Opps session had a bittersweet end as we gave a warm send-off to OK Health & Wellness director Jeni Pierce, who is moving to California. On the final day of the session, we had a Jeni-themed circuit workout, played “pin the warrior wellness sticker on Jeni,” played Jeni-themed Fear Factor, enjoyed a dinner of her favorite foods, and exchanged gifts and memories.

Jeni has been a passionate and dedicated member of the OK team since 2010 and was invaluable in building a strong culture of Wellness within our organization. We will miss her greatly but wish her all the best! Thanks for everything, Jeni!

Warrior Quotes:

“I liked doing photography with my friend Sarah Cahill. I am excited for Pirate Party next session! Arrrr!” – Colin

“I liked biking, preserving, and hanging out with Jackie and Patrick O’Rourke [in How to be Evil and Good].” – Claire

“I liked Outdoor Adventures, it was cool. We learned how to make fire and set up tents and hammocks. That was new for me. Last time I was in the wilderness I was in cabins.” – Mike

“I was in Team Sports. We played football and water games. It was fun!” – Karina


“I liked Outdoor Adventures, hanging out with Matt and Sonya Taylor and using great teamwork!” – Karisa

“I led Team Sports with Johno. It was pretty good, I wanna do it again!” -Erik


Thanks for a great Spring 2 session, Warriors! We are looking forward to much more fun in Summer 1 with swimming, pottery, cartoon club, community opps, all about me, bikes and trikes, animal kingdom, farming, burger time, hip-hop, and comedy!

Be sure to join us for a summer family day on July 27th for dinner from the Burger Time group and a hip-hop/ comedy showcase!

Please contact Mike Carmody (mike@opportunityknocksnow.org) with any inquiries about the After Opps program.