Warriors had another fun-filled After Opps session in Winter 2!


Community Fitness visited several local workout facilities including the West Cook YMCA, FFC Oak Park, In & Out Fitness, and more. The Farming group painted the new OK farm sign, inspired by the OK logo. Warriors in the Gala Spotlight group practiced their dance moves and refined their performance routine in preparation for the upcoming Opportunity Knocks Gala.


In Community Opps this session, Warriors chose to support Sarah’s Inn, a local nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive services for families affected by domestic violence so that they get the support they need to find safety, rebuild their lives, and heal. Warriors researched the organization and created a slideshow to present to one of their employees on the final day. In Spring 1, Warriors are having an item drive for Sarah’s Inn.

Warriors prepared some auction items in Gala Crafts and got festive and competitive with Winter Olympics.


Our Friday hobby groups had something for everybody. The cooking group’s theme this session was Where’s the Beef? and focused on vegetarian cuisine. Warriors belted out their favorite jams in the Karaoke program.

Warriors in the Community Scavenger Hunt group completed riddles and clues to discover favorite and new places around the Oak Park Arts District, downtown Forest Park, downtown Oak Park, and Dominican University.  The Science group had fun rocking their lab coats and doing some cool hands-on experiments.

Warrior Quotes:

“Winter Olympics was my favorite because I liked playing hockey and everything. I play OPRF Special Olympics floor hockey.” – Kareem Muhammad

“My favorite program was farming. We painted the sign blue, green, and yellow. It was fine!” – Claire Puiszis

“I enjoyed learning. Karaoke was my favorite because I got to sing a song! ‘1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, 4.’ I called all the Warriors to the dance floor for Cha Cha Slide in Gala Spotlight.” -Lizzie Kenny

“I did love science. I did love doing the egg drop by the stairs. We talked about water and colors too.” – Andrew Effgen

“Scavenger Hunt was fun! My favorite place we went was downtown Forest Park. I didn’t even know all that stuff was there, like the indoor Empowering Gardens.” – Mike Gardner

Thanks for a great Winter 1 session, Warriors! We are looking forward to much more fun in Spring 1 with Gala Spotlight, Tea Time, Basketball, Community Opps, Around Town, Gala Glam, Farming, Taco Fridays, Peer-Led, and Game Show!