Life Shop Warriors complete a cooking pre- survey that asks them to select the kitchen skills they would like to work on during cooking when at the Life Shop.  The survey asks them to either provide their desired skill or select skills from the list that includes cooking with a knife, food processor, microwave, stove, or oven. They were free to choose one skill or multiple skills.  Then they will be scheduled to receive individualized cooking classes with Life Coach & Culinary Director Joe for a period of five weeks.  Each day they cook, Life Coach Joe will work with the Warriors to select recipes that focus on using the skills specified on their pre-survey.  After they cook a meal the Warrior is asked to fill out a daily reflection that measures how they thought the day went and if they felt that progress was being made towards their personal goal.  Warrior Max was our first to participate in this MyWP cooking program.  One of the skills he selected was cooking with an oven.  During the first few weeks Max asked Joe to put to place and remove food from the oven, he did not feel comfortable doing this on his own.  However, during the last week Max not only cooked his very own banana bread independently, but he also removed it from the oven after it was finished cooking!  We couldn’t be prouder of Max.  Check out the quick video of Max removing his banana bread from the oven.