This summer the Warriors participated in 4 weeks of a full group program in Adventure Learning. Adventure Learning is a sort of philosophy toward learning. It traditionally involves low ropes and high ropes courses, and is geared toward building problem solving skills within a group, usually in an outdoor environment. There are many specific benefits to this style including team building, leadership skills, and physical exercise. It involves cooperative games and activities that provide experiential learning, as opposed to information delivery.The reason we love this philosophy is that it emphasizes cooperation over competition and provides the opportunity to take on challenges and your desired level of difficulty, and all by choice. In The Life Shop we adventured to Washington Square Park and Thatcher Woods to solve some of these physical puzzles! The Warriors were asked to take part in nearly a dozen different games over the course of 4 weeks in which their coaches were all but absent in giving instruction, and it was up to the group to complete the task independently. The group partook in a blindfolded trust walk, fit 7 people on a 2 x 2 wooden palette, made the alphabet out of a giant rope, and even used hula hoops to cross a room without touching the floor! The Warriors accessed some serious power, skill, and patience in taking on Adventure Learning this summer. We could not be more proud of their hard work!