We are  excited to welcome OK’s Culinary Director Joe Hart to the Life Shop.  Joe will be at the Life Shop two days a week facilitating life skills based cooking activities with Life Shop Warriors.  Since the beginning cooking has been an important life skills activity to take place daily at the Life Shop.  We are excited to receive the guidance from our newest Life Shop member Joe!

Last week our Culinary Crew did an amazing job. We decided to make a salad that featured turkey bacon, tomatoes (fresh from the OK Garden!), apples, and a maple balsamic dressing. We went to Jewel with our shopping lists and learned how to make the best choices when choosing produce as well as items from the aisle by inspecting both quality and price. We then headed back to OK and worked on our knife skills and learned how to use the blender as an easy way to make our dressing. The results were fantastic!