Dear Warrior Friends and Family,

This is an all-hands-on-deck call out to the Warrior Nation as we kick off our Annual Giving Fund Campaign, #TogetherWeFlourish! This single day of focused fundraising embeds in our Annual Giving Fund and becomes our most significant donor outreach effort. Funds raised through these efforts will support the continuation of the Warrior Mission. Our campaign goal is $80,000.


We need all hands on deck. If you have contributed already, we thank you. We are very grateful. If you have not, we ask that you dig deep and give what you can. Whether or not you’ve given, we ask that you consider spreading the word to your network, however you see fit. We have crafted several ways to participate in the campaign. In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Details of our matching opportunities
  • Ways to share the Annual Giving Fund to your networks
  • An email/letter template outlining all pertinent AGF details

Let’s get in there and get after it!



Facebook Fundraiser


We are fortunate to have some awesome partners and new opportunities to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE all donations during this Giving Season:

From Nov 15 – Dec 15: The Coleman Foundation will provide any gift of $1,250 or more with a $1,250 match, up to a total match cap of $12,500. Big thanks to our long-time friends at the Coleman Foundation for showing us so much love and support over the years and through this match.

From Nov 15 – Dec 15: Not Your Father’s Foundation will match all gifts between $150 and $499 at $150 and all gifts between $500 and $1250 will be matched at $500, up to $15,000! Big thanks to our generous friends at Not Your Father’s Foundation for stepping up to back this match in our Annual Giving Fund campaign.

From Nov 29 – Dec 15: Another OK Friend Has Joined Us! From now until December 15th: A generous friend of OK has pledged to match gifts between $1 and $149, one-to-one. This means your donation of up to $149 will have double the impact, all thanks to our wonderful friend!

Facebook Matching | Starting Tuesday, November 15th, until December 31, 2022, recurring donations up to $100 made to OK through Facebook may be matched 1:1 until the $7 million match fund is spent. Learn how to set up recurring donations HERE. Last year this match cap was reached very quickly. Please note that this is a new process compared to Facebook’s past matching programs.

  • Set up recurring donations to an eligible nonprofit anytime between November 15, 2022 and December 31, 2022.
  • After a second donation is made on your recurring agreement, Meta may match your donation.
  • Donors will be notified on Facebook if their donation is matched.
  • Limit of one recurring donation up to $100.
  • Limit of $20k per donor, across all eligible nonprofits.
  • Limit of $100,000 in match funds received by Meta per nonprofit.


Employer Matching Programs | We encourage everyone to check whether their employer has a matching program. Donors can use the Double the Donation search bar on this page to see if their company has a matching program.  Does your employer not offer matching? See this article to get tips on how to start a matching program at your workplace.

Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
Powered by Double the Donation

What does this mean for you? This means give any time between now and December 30th to watch your donation double or triple for the Warrior mission! This means that a $1,250 donation would be matched by the Coleman Foundation, the Not Your Father’s Foundation, and possibly Facebook for total support of $4,250! This means that our Warriors will continue to have new opportunities to flourish!


If you are a Facebook user,  you can either share the fundraiser from the OK FB page or set up your own Facebook Fundraiser for OK and share with friends:  

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click “Select Nonprofit.”
  3. Search and select Opportunity Knocks.
  4. Fill in the fundraiser details and select a cover photo (see below for the Campaign’s KEY IMAGE).  
  5. Click Create.
  6. Share it!

If you are an Instagram user, add a Donate Sticker to an Instagram Story

  1. In Instagram, open the camera by tapping on the plus on your page or your profile picture.
  2. Then, take or upload a photo that best highlights the Warrior cause.
  3. Tap the sticker icon.
  4. Select the donation sticker from the tray. 
  5. Search for and select Opportunity Knocks (@okwarriors). 
  6. Customize your fundraiser using Stories’ creative tools. 
  7. Tap “Send to”. Then tap “Share” next to “Your Story”. 
  8. You can add multiple images or videos to build your fundraising story. See below for specially designed Instagram Story photos.

If you are not on Facebook, reach out to family and friends through email and ask for their support. A personal note of support goes a long way with your posse to raise the OK banner. Feel free to add use the email template below and add your own personal message.


Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me in supporting Opportunity Knocks’ Annual Giving Fund, #TogetherWeFlourish. As a 95% privately funded organization, the Annual Fund provides general operating support to programs and new initiatives for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This year, these funds will guarantee the continued development of the residential component of the Warrior Mission, as well as other endeavors on the OK horizon.

Over the course of the past year, OK has been inspired by the growth of each of its participants. Similarly, OK has also flourished, offering its best version of Programs in newly-renovated spaces, including the Life Shop, fitness center, and Knockout Farm. OK has provided over 12,000 hours of direct service to its participants through both in-person and virtual programming this past year, and has added a full-day program block to our offerings.

The success of OK’s Annual Giving fund will ensure that OK’s participants continue to have opportunities to flourish, whether it be through participating in more programs, starting a new job, seeking out new experiences, or using their voice. This is where YOU can help. There are TWO great matching opportunities available now to increase the impact of your donation:

From NOW until December 15th, any gift of $1,250 or more will be matched with a donation of $1,250 match, made possible by the Coleman Foundation. This means a gift of $1,250 becomes $2,500 to support a full month of virtual programming for our Warriors.

From NOW until #GIVINGTUESDAY on November 29th, all gifts between $150 and $499 will be matched with a donation of $150 and donations between $500 and $1,250 will be matched with a donation of $500. This means a $150 donation becomes $300 and a $500 donation becomes $1,000 to support valuable life skill programming to our Warriors.

Illinois is historically at the bottom of the list in terms of providing support for individuals with disabilities. The state maintains an enormous waiting list for those who need financial assistance to access continued living, vocational and social skills. Community support organizations like Opportunity Knocks fill this vital gap and ensure that individuals with disabilities can have a supportive presence in their home community. Please consider donating to propel the mission forward by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your consideration,

1. If you are a Snapchat user, you can add a link to your story to share OK’s giving page:

a) In Snapchat, either take a photo or pull one from your Memories.

i. If using an image from your Memories, you can click on the desired photo and then choose the pencil icon in the bottom left corner.

ii. The portrait Instagram Story photos on this page can also be used on a Snapchat story! 

b) Once you have your photo chosen, tap the paperclip button, and insert the following link:

c) Then add whatever stickers or drawings you would like.

d) Then press “send to” to post your story!

Whether you are a social media user or not, we can’t reach our goal without your support! Thank you for your generosity.


If you’re looking for photos to share, either as an email attachment or to post on your Instagram story, feel free to use the photos below! The Campaign Cover Photo, Logo, Social Media Photos, & Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook Story Photos. Directions: You can right-click and “Save Image As” to download the image onto a desktop, and press and hold to save to your photo gallery if on mobile