At Opportunity Knocks we strive to carry ourselves in a way that demonstrates respect, safety, teamwork, communication, leadership, and health & wellness.  These six-points are outlined in our working document named the “Way of Warrior” that was first drafted back in 2011 during After Opps.  Since 2011, the “Way of the Warrior” has evolved to add health & wellness as our sixth-point back in 2015.  Also it has been reviewed and edited by many of us here including, OK staff ,Warriors, and volunteers.

Presently in both After Opps and the Life Shop, the  “Way of the Warrior” has evolved to be a program-wide structured 5 week activity that asks the Warriors to create their own definitions and examples for each of these six points. Presently at the Life Shop the “Way of the Warrior” takes place on Tuesday afternoons with all Life Shop Warriors present. Each week Mike Carmody meets the Life Shop Warriors and works with them to define  and create examples for each point.  So far we have made great progress covering, respect, safety, and health & wellness!  The final goal is to to use the Warriors’ definitions and examples to produce a “Way of the Warrior” pamphlet.  The “Way of the Warrior” pamphlet will be shared throughout OK and will be given to all community members new and old.  No surprise that, “me time” has been suggested by several Life Shop Warriors as a way to have a healthy mind!