Registration for Winter Session 2 is now open! See descriptions of activities being offered this session below. Please use the form on this page to register for After Opps programs. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Steve Compere, Program Director of After Opps at

For eligibility, registration requirements, session fees, daily structure, safety requirements or other information, see the After Opps page. Please note the change in program fees, effective April 6, 2015. 


Monday Programs


The warriors will learn how to safely operate a bow and arrow. They will learn how to load the quivers, aim by lining up their fingers and nose, and shoot at a target. Archery will teach the warriors a calming breathing technique! *Warrior Wellness*


In Puzzles, The warriors will be challenged to think in complex ways to solve different kinds of puzzles.


In Cooking 101, we learned basic knife work and kitchen safety. In Cooking 102, we learned how to operate different machinery in the kitchen. Now, in Cooking 103, we learn the essential skill of making small batch meals for 1 or 2. All cooking techniques and recipes taught in this class will focus on simplicity, healthy ingredients, and meals that can be prepared in under 30 minutes for a perfect weeknight dinner. *Warrior Wellness*


This winter, the Warriors won’t lose hope in winter fun when there’s freezing temperatures and snowless days outdoors. We have created plenty of fun winter-break activities that will keep them completely occupied and full of cheers while staying warm inside– throughout the frosty season!

Wednesday Programs


Each year the After Opps program donates creative works of Warrior made art to the Opportunity Knocks Gala silent auction! This year they’ll be painting with water colors, creating 3D paper crafts and refinishing different pieces of furniture!


This session, Warriors will be continuing to work with the other non-profit organizations that we have been working with over the last few sessions.


At this team of the year we like to prepare for the Gala. Warriors in the Gala Spotlight program will be working on a presentation that will be done at Gala


Spares and Strikes!!! The Warriors will be heading over to Circle Lanes in Forest Park to bowl. *Warrior Wellness*

Friday Programs


Looking your best is hard, and well worth the work! In “What Not to Wear” warriors will explore their personal sense of style and expression while also learning how to achieve professional, formal, active, and casual looks that fit their needs. We all want to choose looks that are becoming and comfortable on us and building confidence is key to building self esteem in “What Not to Wear.”


Explore art in the 3rd dimension using a lot of unusual materials not often offered in other classes. When it comes to 3D art, the sky’s the limit! Using a variety of sculptural mediums the warriors will be creating their very own sculptures. This class will focus on the foundations of 3D art, so if you enjoy working with your hands this is the class for you!


This is a program will teach the Warriors about how to be appropriate when in a relationship and we will focus on boundaries and other important things about relationships and dating. *Warrior Wellness*


Each week Opportunity Knocks will welcome a guest chef from a local restaurant. They will tell us how they learned their different skills and lead us in making one of their most popular meals from their restaurant. *Warrior Wellness*