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Registration for Spring Session 1 is now open! See descriptions of activities being offered this session below. Please use the form on this page to register for After Opps programs. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Joe Hart, Program Director of After Opps at For eligibility, registration requirements, session fees, daily structure, safety requirements or other information, see the After Opps page. Please note the change in program fees, effective April 6, 2015. 


I Love the 2000’s. We’ll be going back in time to that special decade in history, the aughts! It was a simpler time before smart phones and selfie sticks. We will revisit the pop culture that made those years memorable by listening to the music, movie/ television clips, dancing, using the vernacular and enjoying all the other fads of the time.

Mason Jars, Y’all! This program will incorporate mason jars into every activity they do! Whether it’s making some homemade jelly or creating a lovely flower arrangement, mason jar will the centerpiece. With so many different uses, this mason jar group is going to be jammin’!

Warrior World Cup. In this program warriors will enjoy the sport of soccer. Soccer is a cross cultural love affair and warriors will be able to celebrate it too! They will learn ball handling skills, goal keeping, and have fun scrimmaging. Warrior Wellness

How Can It Be Gluten Free?! In this group the warriors will be learning how to bake using healthy, gluten free ingredients. Sugar free, gluten free chocolate cupcakes will be made. We will also bake a low carb coconut almond bread. You will never believe gluten free, nutritious baking could taste so good! Warrior Wellness


Community Opps. This session we will continue to develop our chosen community partnership and lend a helping hand to our community.

Track & Field. Our warriors will become Olympians in the Track & Field program. They will learn about Greek culture and the first Olympic games. The warriors will get a chance to run, jump, hurdle, and throw their way through history while they practice modern track and field events that have evolved from the ancient games. Warrior Wellness

Improv. Learning the craft of stage and sound the warriors will get to take part in a bit of performance. They will explore their communicative abilities and different modes of expression all the while having fun with improvisational comedy. Using these fun and whimsical games warriors will get the chance to play and connect with themselves and their peers.

Autobiography Scrapbook. Warriors will catalogue their past, present, and future through the medium of scrapbooking. Warriors participating in this program will be asked to bring in picutes and other items from home with advance notice.


Microwave 101. The daily task of preparing meals just got easier! Warriors in this cooking group will rediscover a handy and efficient method of cooking by exploring the wide range of cooking possibilities offered by the microwave oven. Warrior Wellness

Just Dance! Let loose and kick it with staff in this mash up of old school and modern hip hop funk fusion dance class. Warriors will learn step by step dance moves with staff in a group setting, putting it all together to show off the footloose skills on the dance floor. Get ready to sweat and get your heart pumping with the rhythm in this energetic, fun for all class. Warrior Wellness

This One’s For the Birds. Warriors in this program will be working on their woodworking skills. One of the main projects that the Warriors will be working on in this session is building Birdhouses. The Warriors will also have the opportunity to design and build using new tools that they may have never used before as long as the proper safety measurements to take.

Peer Led Program Planning. Warriors will use their leadership skills to brainstorm and plan the activities for Wednesdays Spring #2. Registration for Wednesdays Spring #2 is required as these Warriors will be implementing their plans and leading their peers in their creative activities!

Spring 2016 Session 1

April 4 – May 6


3:30pm – 6:30pm

Spring Session 1 is a 5-week session.

Registration is due on March 30. Payment is due May 3.

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