2015 has been an incredible year for all of us at Opportunity Knocks and the Life Shop.  It has been a year of transition and taking things to the next level as we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  We also made some wonderful new partners & friends in the community like Lisa from In & Out Fitness, Cheryl from Core Strength, and Ali from The Barre Code!  We dedicated a lot of time towards making progress towards our personal & family goals outlined in our MyWP’s.  We have also been major players in the success of Knock-Out-Pickles by working hard every Tuesday to make batches of KOP’s for our customers, Kinderhook Tap, Old School Tavern & Grill and Scratch Deli.

Reflecting back on all that we did in 2015 brings joy to all of us at the Life Shop.  We did A LOT of  very cool things from making our own Life Shop yearbook,  to participating in some awesome activities like culture club, science club, In-& Out Emotion Club, to learning how to make our own game boards.  The list goes on and on, but the theme remains unchanged, we had fun exploring our own interests with our friends together as a team!

We ended 2015 by having our last Warrior planned outing at Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest.  It was a blast!  We hope that you enjoy our pictures and we look forward to sharing future pictures with you about Life Shop activities on the Life Shop blog.  Until then, all of us here at the Life Shop would like to wish you and your families a fun & very safe holiday and Happy New Year!  We will see you next year!