Hi everybody.

We have been having lots of fun with music in the Life Shop. We have been writing our own music. I wrote a remix to “Smile” by Uncle Kracker. I chose it because it reminds me of my older brother. I wrote it for him about how much I have loved him.

We also went to Val’s Halla Record Store and Fitzgerald’s Nightclub. We have been singing and getting tours and asking lots of questions about music and bands with Val Camilleti and Donnie Biggins. We did a scavenger hunt at Val’s. We even got to go on stage at Fitzgerald’s and sing with lights and microphones. I sang “What Dreams are Made of” by Hilary Duff and “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus with David. Donnie knew my favorite actor Johnny Galecki!

We had a special guest musician Neal O’Hara. He plays the keyboard. He was really good at keyboard and he was really nice. We got to play his keyboard and sing along to some of our favorite songs. I sang “Smile”  and “Party in the USA” and “What Dreams are Made of” again. Neal played while we sang.

It has been a lot of fun learning about music with my coaches, my friends, and special guests.

Here are some pictures.

Have a great day!

Eliza Noel Grahnke