In this session our theme was Culture. In this theme, Warriors have partaken in celebration of the characteristics and knowledge of groups of people encompassing differences and similarities. Activities were focused on these topics suggested by the Warriors/staff and volunteers: family traditions, ancestry, food, dance, art, race, disability, music, language, sports, and Disney.

A Look Back

Summary of Session #10 [Fall Semester 1]

We kicked off our first session of the Fall semester with activities that will focus on the Warrior voted theme, Culture. We define culture as a celebration of characteristics and knowledge of groups of people encompassing similarities and differences. For the next six-weeks we will explore culture specific to below categories:

– Entertainment culture
– International Club
– Farming & Growing Culture
– Cooking & Culture
– Flag Culture
– Disability Culture


Warriors enrolled in on-site programs will participate in at least two of the above activities per day. Each activity is carefully planned by our program leaders and takes place for about one hour. After each activity the Warriors discuss their learning and reflect on their activity for that day. At the end of each week the Warriors will select the next country to explore and the program team will update their activities to focus on the newest country. In our first week of the session each activity focused on early American culture and much of the focus was on the Native American culture.

Each activity embraced the early American culture through exploring past contributions made by different groups of people especially the Native Americans. In cooking & culture Warriors learned about the major crops the Native Americans depended on for food. International Club also discussed Native American Culture and made dream catchers. Farming and Growing visited the KO farm and discussed the history of carrots and how they came to America. Flag culture talked about the earliest versions of the American flag as well as the hybrid versions of the flags that represent different cultures and groups of people. Lastly, in disability culture Warriors discussed the early and existing beliefs that gave way to form a strong disability culture in America.

Please check out the goals for each program and how OK is committed to carry out our OK mission VIEWS.



Discover & amplify the voice of each Warrior


Foster growth & development of healthy relationships & social connections


Explore the experiences of life without boundaries


Commit to building total wellness in mind, body and spirit


Establish presence and connection of Warrior to community and community to Warrior


Tuesdays | Led by Anna Kellar

We are learning about Cartoon Culture in America! These activities will also offer an opportunity to work on building social connections. We will position the exploration and activities in a way that fosters the growth and development of healthy relationships and social connections between Warriors.

Entertainment Culture Highlights

We will explore the history, compare American cartoons to other cartoons around the world, and make our own cartoons.


Ryan and Casey presented what that they learned about cartoons. Including information about cartoons in different countries


Andrew said that we talked about the cave where buffalos have 8 legs (cave drawings were the earliest type of cartoons


Madeleine – learned about black and white cartoons; Fantasmagorie


The group made an early type of cartoon of their own called thaumatropes. Then we made our own!


Tuesdays | Led by Caroline Halperin

International Club will focus on continued learning opportunities specific to the OK Goal Experience. Warriors will explore the experiences of life without boundaries while learning about our very own culture and other countries around the world we live in.

International Club Highlights

International Club explores the world by discussing and learning about a new country each week.

Each country we explore is chosen by the Warriors.


Karisa and Max filled out a worksheet about the United States of America and brainstormed interesting facts about the American culture


They made dream catchers in remembrance of Native Americans early culture. Native Americans was the first culture in America


Katrina discussed American culture, food, and languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French


Wednesdays & Thursdays | Led by Aniki Coates

Farming & Growing Culture will focus on Wellness by facilitating engaging lessons that build strong health in mind, body, and spirit. We will discuss, observe, plant, harvest, and taste the different vegetables and fruits that we grow on the Knockout Farm.

Farming & Growing Culture Highlights

On the Knockout Farm, we will seed and maintain our crops under the direction of our Farm coordinator Aniki. Warriors will learn about farming and growing food from seed to hand to plate.


Warrior Alex shared knowledge about the Dutch people and how they cultivated orange carrots in America


Warrior Casey planted carrot seeds for the first time and Warrior Ryan sewed her first seeds of bok choy


Warrior Andrew talked about different carrots. Orange ones have fiber and Vitamin A. A few of the Warriors even tried carrots for the first time!


Wednesdays | Led by Harlow Righetti

Cooking and Culture will focus on the experience. Warriors will explore a variety of foods and traditions. During the first week, we learned about the Native American culture and explored interesting facts and videos that focused on their native crops and foods. One major crop for the Native American people was corn. At the end of the lesson, the Warriors touched and looked at corn kernels and then made popcorn.

Cooking & Culture Highlights

Cooking and Culture activity will incorporate the food from the weekly Warrior selected country. We will discuss each country and identify important foods and talk about why these foods are important.

We will make and taste foods and traditions common in these countries.


Warrior Karisa shared her knowledge about John Locke, and the Navajo


Max talked about Pocahontas, corn, and Native American languages


We made stove popcorn! Who needs a microwave.


We learned about how the Native Americans grew corn


Tuesdays & Wednesdays | Led by Thomas Zaino

In the Flags & Culture activity, the Warriors will focus on using their voice by deciding on what flags they want to learn about for each week. Warriors will also discover and amplify their voice each week by making their own flag that is inspired by the country they discuss in the flags & culture activity.

Flags & Culture Highlights

Flags are an important identifier of culture. In Flags & Culture, we will look at different flags around the world and their history of how they came to be. We will also explore other versions of flags for each country. At the end of our discussions, Warriors will have the option to create the country’s flag and also make their own version of the country’s flags.


We made flags and learned about the origins of the American flag. The American flag has 13 stripes, 50 stars represent 50 states.


Warriors made their own flags. Derec’s flag had blue stars, with red, green, and orange.


Karisa learned about flags and then made a ‘Girl-Power flag’.


Never throw an American flag away, light it on fire. Stars mean the 50 states, stripes are original colonies.


Thursdays | Led by Shannon Kenny

Disability Culture will focus on offering a continued education opportunity to participating Warriors. It will support the OK goal of voice by providing engaging topics related to disability culture in a safe and supportive learning environment. Warriors can feel free to share and express their thoughts related to each week’s major topic.

Disability Culture Highlights

The Disability Culture enriched our reinforced our shared belief that people with disabilities have a unique and valuable culture that should be celebrated.

We studied disability advocates, artists, and other important people that have helped shape what disability culture is today.


We witnessed a painting from memory watched a Finnish Sign Rapper. We watched and discussed a singing performance by a young girl with Down Syndrome sang at the White Sox Game


We talked about disabilities, like Down Syndrome, Sign Language