Community Opps

A Warrior-Driven Non Profit within the Non Profit

An important concept engrained into the Opportunity Knock’s mission is our effort to encourage our participants to give back to the local community. As part of this philosophy we make every effort to empower the Warriors. So was born, Community Opportunities and a Warrior Mission focused on helping homeless pets, supporting the environment, and helping children in need. Meet the Warrior driven non profit within the non profit.

Warrior Projects

The mission of Community Opportunities has been very fortunate to have had so much success thus far. The efforts have been driven by planning fund-raisers and also by taking time to make items such as, dog collars, duct tape wallets, bracelets, and scarves, all to be sold to support local charities of the Warriors choice. Summer 2012 launched an exciting new aspect of Community Opportunities— The Warrior Wear T-shirt line! The T-Shirt line and logo were developed by the creative minds of the Warriors. Every year the Warriors will design a new T-shirt that will be branded with the Community Opportunities logo and sold to support the Warrior mission.

Warrior Wear

Summer 2012 launched an exciting new aspect of Community Opportunities- The Warrior Wear Tshirt line! The T-Shirt line and logo were developed by the creative minds of the Warriors. Every year the Warriors will design a new T-shirt that will be branded with the Community Opportunities logo and sold to support the Warrior mission.

True to their stated mission the goals of helping homeless pets, the environment, and children are featured components of the Community Opportunities logo with the tag line “Together We Make a Difference”. Please consider supporting the Warriors in their effort to support our community.

The Future of Community Opportunities

As Community Opportunities continues to grow, we will continue to find local charities in which we can support. We plan on building relationships with local charities through long-term projects, to provide everyone involved the chance to feel a sense of pride and community in the projects they are completing. True to their stated mission the goals of helping animals, people, and the enviroment are featured components of the Community Opportunities logo with the tag line “Together We Make a Difference”. Please consider supporting the Warriors in their effort to support our community.