Knockout Catering's Smoked Deli Pop-Up

Featuring Knockout Meats

A series of pop-ups consisting of delectable smokey deli meats provided by Opportunity Knock’s very own Knockout Meats.

7503 Madison St, Forest Park, IL 60130

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

11am – 2pm

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Knockout Catering, Knockout Meats, UPG, and Kinslahger are working together to provide the best, savory sandwiches, deli cuts, and beers for you to enjoy. Similar to our past Pop-Ups but this time a lot more smokey. Choose between delicious sandwiches and fresh cuts of meat such as turkey, pastrami, bacon and more! Don’t forget to get a delicious Oktoberfest beer and a jar of KO Pickles!


*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual meal may vary slightly.


Meat by the 1/2 lb – turkey $10/lb (SOLD OUT), roast beef $11/lb, pastrami $14/lb (SOLD OUT), bacon $8/lb (SOLD OUT), corned beef $13/lb (SOLD OUT)

Oktoberfest Beers – Festbier & Marzen $3

Festbier: Oktoberfest in Munich is canceled for 2020. Don’t fret, our Festbier tastes just like the liter steins you’d get in the tents. Drunken revelers and drinking songs are not included in the purchase. Golden color, bright white head, clean malt aroma, and flavors. WAY too smooth. ABV – 6%
 Marzen: If you could transport yourself to Munich for Oktoberfest any year prior to 1990 you’d be buying liters of Marzen. This is the amber-colored beer that most Americans associate with the Oktoberfest style of beer. Deep copper color, tan head, toasted malt aroma, and flavors. This should be a year-round beer! ABV – 6%


Sandwich 1

Turkey Club (SOLD OUT)

Why wait till November for some gobbling goodness? This club features delicious Smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese on white bread – $8

Sandwich 3

Roast Beef

Where’s the beef? It’s right here! Enjoy some savory smoked beef, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese on white bread – $8

Sandwich 2

The Smoked Reuben (SOLD OUT)

How long has it been, since your last Reuben!? Some mouth-watering smoked pastrami, saurkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye – $10

Sandwich 4

Grilled Cheese (Vegetarian Option)

Nothing like an old school warm, gooey, grilled cheese with American cheese on either white or rye bread – $6

Add your choice of any of our meats for an extra $3

Sandwich 5

The Knockout BLT

Seasoned tomatoes fresh from Knockout Farms, crisp housemade Knockout Meat bacon, butter lettuce, mayo on toasted white bread – $5

Sandwich 6

The Reuben (SOLD OUT)

A corned beef classic! Tasty corned beef, saurkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye – $10



We will also be doing a special beer and sandwich pairing: The Knockout BLT and Festbier – $7

Don’t forget the Pickles!

Back by popular demand, Knockout pickles will be available for purchase for $10 a jar!



Team Effort

Featured Friends

Anytime you take a bite in one of our smoked deli delight sandwiches your taste buds can thank the home bakery of Oak Park; Lyman Ave Bread! 

A fellow partner and member of the Oak Park community. We are proud to say our Knockout Meats are featured at the Daly Bagel establishment!

A longtime partner that has provided the community with some of the smoothest beer to tantalize your taste buds. From cook-offs to block parties you’ll find some Kinslahger!

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Sandwich/Meats Prices Vary

Delivery (for an extra $5 fee) will be available Saturday, September 12th from 11-2 pm or curbside pickup available. Drop off time choices between 11-12 pm, 12-1 pm, and 1-2 pm

Limited quantities are available so please place your order ASAP.

All orders must be received by 9/11 at 5 pm.

Walk-ins are allowed while supplies last!


7503 Madison St

Forest Park, IL 60130

Tel: (630) 926-4139

Health & Safety

Committed to Clean Protocols

No Contact Delivery

The delivery team will execute a no-contact, socially distanced delivery


We use only single-use, disposable cutlery and food packaging


Wellness Checks

We are following the IDPH guidelines for pre-shift wellness checks, including temp and symptom checks


We have a rigorous protocol for hand-washing and use of gloves during food prep, handling

Social Distance

We have instituted strict social distancing measure, following IDPH & CDC guidance

Environmental Cleaning

We have enhanced our already strict protocol to align with COVID-19 IDPH & CDC guidance




Event Date

11:00am – 2:00pm


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