Knockout Catering's Greatest Hits

 A series of pop-up events featuring the most popular items on our menu prepared for delivery or curbside pickup. Take a break and let us cook for you


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The Knockout Catering Co. is proud to present our Greatest Hits through this series of pop-ups in partnership with our friends at the Urban Pioneer Group. We are grateful to be able to keep our Warriors working, albeit in a limited way, during this Stay at Home period in the COVID-19 response. We are operating with enhanced sanitation practices to supplement our already rigorous food handling protocols. We are also operating with a firm commitment to the CDC recommendations regarding social distancing. All proceeds from these meals will go to support the mission of Opportunity Knocks, which is under extreme challenges during the pandemic.


*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual meal may vary slightly.

The Sandwich

The KCC Classic

Our signature sandwich, our slow smoked pulled pork will be available this week. It will be served on brioche with a vinegar slaw, house made bread and butter pickles, and cold brew coffee bbq sauce. Our vegetarian dish will be a Beyond Meat Italian Sausage that we cold smoke and then grill, served on a brioche bun with vinegar slaw, house made bread and butter pickles, and cold brew coffee bbq sauce.

The Dessert

Delicious Cupcake

Hart2Heart Sweets will be providing a delicious cupcake for dessert. Also, do not forget to pick up a jar of pickles, available in classic, deli, or spicy for $10 a jar.

The Sides

KO Farms Salads

Our side items will be our seasonal salad with a house made Caesar dressing and a watermelon and feta salad with lemon zest, swiss chard, and mint. Knockout Farms will be providing the salad greens, cabbage for the slaw, and swiss chard for the watermelon salad.




A Portion of Our Portions


Connecting the Warriors to our community through service has long been a core piece of the OK mission. That’s an intention that hasn’t stopped during these times. It is our plan to dedicate a portion of meals to a partner through every pop-up. This week we are connecting with our friends at Thankful For Chicago to partake in their People’s Free Food Project and feed those that are hungry in Garfield Park.

We’ve been doing our best to listen and respond to the needs of our community and our neighbors during these times. Many of the west and southside neighborhoods of Chicago, which already lack adequate access to grocery stores and nutritious food, have been hit especially hard in this period of unrest. Our catering team linked with local organizer Kemdah Stroud (@kemdidah) and the People’s Free Food program in Garfield Park to provide chicken salad sandwich meals to anyone in the community who needed a meal. They are back out there this week and we’re partnering with them again for our KCC Classic (Signature Pulled Pork Sandwich) KCC pop-up.

 “We made it a mission to feed Chicago when CPS stopped serving food. Out of the necessity to create community, nourish bellies and uplift spirits, The People’s Free Food Program launched within hours to help our community. We fed hundreds of people in Garfield Park and in Englewood on our first day and will continue to grow and feed more people! CPS has since reinstated their food program, and we intend to keep this program going for as long as possible to supplement food, community, and support.”

Kemdah Stroud

Thankful For Chicago

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$20 per individual meal | $70 for a family of four-pack

Delivery (for an extra $5 fee) will be available from 4-6 pm or curbside pickup available.

Limited quantities are available so please place your order ASAP.

All orders must be received by 6/23 at 5 pm.


7503 Madison St

Forest Park, IL 60130

Tel: (630) 926-4139

Health & Safety

Committed to Clean Protocols

No Contact Delivery

The delivery team will execute a no-contact, socially distanced delivery


We use only single-use, disposable cutlery and food packaging


Wellness Checks

We are following the IDPH guidelines for pre-shift wellness checks, including temp and symptom checks


We have a rigorous protocol for hand-washing and use of gloves during food prep, handling

Social Distance

We have instituted strict social distancing measure, following IDPH & CDC guidance

Environmental Cleaning

We have enhanced our already strict protocol to align with COVID-19 IDPH & CDC guidance




Event Date

4:00pm – 6:00pm


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