The Life Shop Warriors have been sweating to their personalized fitness program! The HealthMatters curriculum taught us how FABS-ulous exercise can be when we include Flexibility, Aerobics, Balance, and Strength exercises! Each Warrior has designed their own FABS exercise routine based off their fitness goal and they are working very hard to take charge of their own health.




Flexibility – being flexible keeps our joints and muscles from becoming stiff. This can decrease pain in our joints. It can also decrease risk of injury.

Aerobics – When we do aerobic exercises we keep our whole body moving fast enough to increaser heart rate an long enough so that our body has to use more oxygen. The goal of aerobic exercise is to strengthen our cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, and blood vessels).
Balance – balance exercises can help you do the things that you like to do as you age. They can keep you from falling.
Strength – strength and endurance exercises help our muscles push or carry something – pushing heavy furniture, or carying groceries up the stairs.